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Museum Quality Art Prints

Siddh Co. prints are produced with extreme shading precision and using the most advanced giclée printing technique in the world. We use the same standard that the various museums and art galleries use across the globe to recreate the prints. This is what we call, affordable luxury.

They are perfect as a standalone print or paired with more of our other contemporary art prints to create a gallery wall display.

We distinguish our art prints from posters by using the highest quality papers, inks, and printing processes to create a superior fine art print product. Both the printing technique and the paper are carefully chosen. These are printed in India on premium luxuriously textured fine art paper and printed with archival pigmented inks.

What is the difference between your print options?

Enhanced Matte Paper

Studio Enhanced Matte 210 gsm paper is an acid free, mid-weight, 100% cellulose, premium art paper with a smooth matte surface. It’s a natural white paper which has a pleasant warm tone whiteness and is printed with archival pigment inks. This is an affordable alternative without compromising on quality.

Premium Archival Paper 

Photo Rag 210 gsm paper is an acid free cotton fibre, archival paper with a soft art paper texture surface. This is the premium option, printed with Archival Inks on Archival Paper, where you get a long-lasting, luxuriant finish. This option combines the magic of Archival Inks and Archival Paper which makes the print fade-resistant for many years – especially if the art is going to be displayed in a light and airy room.

Canvas Print

As the name suggests, its artwork printed on premium quality 300 gsm canvas. These canvas prints come printed with finest quality inks and matte varnish finish that impart the same appearance as an original painting.

What is “acid-free”?
This is a special paper with a high alkaline reserve that won’t brown or decompose over a long period of time. 

What are “Archival Papers and Archival Inks”?

Archival paper is a permanent, durable, acid-free, pure cotton rag paper, intended to last a very long time. It is superior in quality and stability compared to other paper types. 

Archival ink is specifically designed as a fade resistant pigment, made to defy yellowing and last a long time. To put it simply, the print will look fresh as new for years to come! Archival Inks printed on Archival Paper ensure a long life for your prints. 


Print only requests

This works best for our customers who would like their prints to be framed locally, match ones already existing on their walls or for those in far to reach locations from our New Delhi production site.

Can you frame my print too?
Absolutely! When placing an order, you can select from black, white or natural color framing with or without mount. All frames come ready to hang.

Displaying prints in frames minimizes exposure to humidity, cigarette smoke and atmospheric contaminants.

Without Mount frames are those where the print fills right to the edge of the frame. 

With Mount frames are those where prints have a blank breathing mounted space around the artwork that enhances the life and beauty of the print. 

What is a Gallery Wrap?

A gallery wrapped canvas print is a print where the canvas is stretched over a support frame and “wrapped” to secure at the back. Gallery wrapped canvas prints fold neatly away to the sides, so you’re left with a clean finish and an art-gallery-style print.

The frameless presentation of a Gallery Wrap with perfect fold corners is ideal for someone with gallery-quality expectations.

What is the material of the frame?

We use acrylic frames for our prints for both paper and canvas. A slim 0.5 to 1-inch acrylic frame imparts a modern and sleek look that goes around the artwork perfectly.

What are the finished dimensions of your framing and gallery wrap?
Please refer to the Size Guide.

Framing notes and care instructions:

  • All frames come with MDF backing boards and standard 2mm acrylic glass, with exception to canvas.
  • All frames are fitted with traditionally strung d-rings and a wire loop for easy wall installation.
  • All Frames are acrylic frames, and leaves no question of any change in color over time. 
  • All frames are cleanly taped on the back for a firm finish.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sun to protect your art from strong sunlight.
  • We recommend that larger sized framed prints are hung with two picture hooks with a gap between them. If you hang with one picture hook pressure is increased on the joints and can pull apart over time.
  • Special glass (to replace acrylic glass) or Sun-board frames are available at different rates and on request. Kindly contact info@siddhco.in 

How do I care for my print?

Fine art paper and archival inks are very delicate by nature. To avoid any injuries, make sure to handle your acquired print with clean, dry hands. Open your art print roll and/or frame in a dry, spacious indoor area. Keep the artwork away from eatables, all kinds of liquids and anything that can potentially be of harm. 

Artworks must be protected from direct sunlight, extreme temperature, dust, moisture, liquid, and fire to ensure long life.

To avoid damage hold prints by the edge or wear cotton gloves while holding them. Be careful not to scuff or scratch the image side of the print.

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