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Life is short, when you have the whole world to explore! There's so much one doesn't know about one's own cities. City Unknown is an initiative to nudge people’s curiosity about their own cities. To start off, discover the undiscovered through a curated deck of special edition playing cards, created with painstaking details where each card is designed in different styles yet has a sense of synergy among themselves. Each set covers unknown and interesting facts from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai in a unique form. So go ahead, play along with your friends and family and get everyone talking and curious again! Here’s hoping you enjoy the journey.

“Famous for inventing the world reknowned bengali sweet - ‘Ladikeni’, named after the first Vicereine Lady Canning.”

Discover such tales and more from Kolkata.

“Did you know that it is the oldest eye hospital in India and among the first few in the whole world?”

Discover such tales and more from Chennai.

“Karimuddin came up with a unique idea - letting the common people experience royal cuisines at highly affordable prices. Thus was born the iconic Karim’s in 1913.”

- Discover such tales and more from Delhi.

“Its likely the world’s oldest multi-level fully cast iron framed building.”

Discover such tales and more from Mumbai.